Kilmacud Scout Leaders' Profiles.

Derek Kinsella

Derek is our best leader. He’s always teaching the scouts about maths and science. He’s our main scouting photographer and he runs our amazing scout website. He’s always up for anything once the scouts are up for it too. Such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, camping or anything at all that will keep the scouts happy. He’s always happy and he never hesitates to put everybody else’s needs before his own. Derek is the best Derek you’ll ever meet and he never gives up on us. -Aislinn Dowling

Up and atom! Derek is our scout’s Father. He has a passion for what he does, in scouting and in teaching. He pours his heart and soul into scouting to make is great for everyone. Derek has a positive view on everything and he never lets us down. Derek is great for humor, not one hike goes by where Derek doesn’t make us all laugh. -Amy Eite

Paul Beirne

Paul is our number one leader. He always teaches the scouts new skills no matter how long it takes. He always motivates everyone to get involved and try new things. He’s extremely kind and can always make you smile. Paul is good at hiking, maths, diablo, juggling, balancing spars on his face, building things and lots lots more. Paul is in rovers. He can take control but always entertains everyone. He looks like Dan from ventures. Paul is the best Paul you’ll ever meet and he never gives up on us. -Aislinn Dowling

Paul has the mind of a five-year-old boy with his head stuck in a bucket. He never has anything bad to say and if he’s not making us laugh he’s laughing at himself. He’s a great asset to the troop and we all love him. From Zip-lining to hiking to playing with his Diablo, Paul makes every experience one we’ll never forget. -Amy Eite

Trish McGrath

Trish is our most amazing leader. She’s not afraid to take control and get everyone involved. She’s always in a great mood and could make you laugh for hours. She’s good at hiking, camping, teasing, making people get involved and most important making people enjoy themselves. Trish is really nice and could bring up someones mood without even trying. She always helps others and gets along well with everyone. Trish is the best Trish and she never gives up on us. -Aislinn Dowling

There’s nothing not to like about Trish, she’s our littlest leader but has a big heart, and bright hair! Even as a leader, Trish loves to play all the games with us. Trish always has great fun and is the opposite to quiet, but in a good way. She constantly looks out for us. Scouts wouldn’t be the same without her. -Amy Eite

Sophie Lauritsch

She is always smiling and happy and loves telling us stories about Eddie Rockets. As well as Paul, she was a 62nd scout back in the past and is now continuing the tradition.

Maeve Neavyn

Maeve is another Leader who has come up through the ranks. She is always positive and happy and if ever she was sad, you know the end of the world must be coming and even then, she would cheer you up. She is Amaeving :)