90th Kilmacud Annual Camp to Hogwarts, sorry Gilwell, August 1st – August 10th 2009


Voldemort - Derek

Harry Potter -Joe

Hagrid -Cormac

Prof. Trelawney -Susan

Malfoy -Leo

Neville -Cillian

Goyle -Kate

Moaning Murtle -Sarah

Peeves -Emily

Ginny -Ailbhe

Luna Lovegood -Helen

Hermoine -Mark

Invisible Cloak -Sophie

Prof. McGonagall -Caroline

Fang -Ruth

Prof. Snape -Trish

Chang -Rebecca

Saturday 1st August

We got up at 4am, went to the airport and ran to gate 13.7½ with 20 of your earth minutes. It took 50 minutes to fly on our broomstick. Not any Nimbus 2000 but a Ryanair 737-800. We were all peeved off with Peeves because.... Well she's Peeves. We made our way top the hogwarts express and took off to the heart of London.... and then back out to there Hogwarts was.

The dead horse things weren't wating for us so we had to walk to Hogwarts accompanied by the ever moaning Murtle. We set up our houses: Gryfindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw! We then put all gear in the great hall (of China) and the big table was brought to us. We soon realised that Hogwarts attracted loads of dragons...! When it became dark, we went down to the big feast and met loadsa foreigners... Then Fangused the invisibility bcloak to wander round the ground unseen. Then we went to bed.

Sunday 2nd August

Voldemort started the day with an epically magical dump. Ginny started to write Tom Riddles' diary, we then went off for a spot of Quiditch! After Quiditch we fell into devilsnare... But we came out alive and happy... yay! We ran to defence against the dark arts and aced it... We are so wizardish!

Later, other wizard schools came out and joined our feast. Voldemort entertained us all with a chant similar to... Oh ahh ooheee oooo eee uu aa Ta me homghesac etc... The other schools enjoyed it much more than they should and left late. The houses went to their dorms and talked until Prof. Trelawney hexed us with the shut your face spell.

Monday 3rd August

All of us got up to teh sound of Moaning Murtle moaning...!! We then went to Diagon alley and slipped into the chamber of secrets which had been temporarily moved from Hogwarts... no one saw it, it just did. Then Prof. McGonagall got PETRIFIED!!! So we had to return to Hogwarts early. Then all the people had showers woo! Then the house elves made dinner which contained ALOT of magically peelied potatoes.

Tuesday 4th August

We woke up early and went to the 3G swing! It was very fun.. yay. Fang was found in her bed...Petrified! Fang could not take part in the activityand she was missed dearly...We then went back, had lunch of food and left in 2 groups for crate stacking. Ginny and Peeves were crowned champions with 14 crates!!! Voldemort and Luna were close with 13 crates but they failed. After that Hagrid, Harry, Prof. McGonagall, Peeves and Malfoy and two other random wizards went on a night walk around the grounds and got lost... and spent hours while the leftover people made a campfire and talked etc... very magical.

Wednesday 5th August

London again! Fang was brought to Prof. Humpalot who told her she was on her death bed. Oh no Prof. McGonagall, Prof. Trelawney and Harry stayed with Fang while the rest of the people went to London!! The first thing we did was shopping!! Everyone bought amazing stuff and ate!! Then we started to walk accross the pier! We gave money to these Jamacian musical people and danced in the middle of the bridge! Since we were in real people land we couldn't fly back so we had to take the always comfy and hygenic tube... Before we got on the tube Ginny lost her ticket.. Not everybody took that well but we bought a new pink one and left. When we were leaving the tube we were jumped upon by the order of the Phoenix who gave us all free hugs apart from voldemort who was dissappointed after not being hugged by one of the men...?!

When we got back we all took magically wet showers and ate a mysterious dinner of spagbol... hmm. All of us went on a random hike through the forbidden forest which turned out to be really fun! Some of us were too tired but others went over to the Turkish people who were flying away on their brooms..? We said goodbye and then we went to bed.

Thursday 6th August

REST DAY! Yay! We got up late and ate an amazing breakfast. Then we all lay down until swimming. Wooooooo! It was fun! Then we had lunch which were sandwiches. We are with our english friends who almost live with us by now. WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA. Then we waited around the great hall to go to Diagon Alley cool.

While the scoutie wizardy people were at the site, Voldemort was out on a date with KARA. Kara decided that she did not quite like Voldemorts attitude so she made up a boyfriend. Voldmort was kinda annoyed.

Friday 7th August

we had to get up really early to get to the magical revolving wall which was pretty savage. Fang was very sick! Then we did archery!! That was really booorrringg! Kidding, it was great... Friday night we had a campfire full of unicorn juice. It was very cool and Kilmacud wizardy people and we slept outside!!!

Saturday 8th August

We got up to a really cold morning. Luna Lovegood, Chang and Ginny went for a shower at 6am for reasons UNKNOWN! Then we started magically wood-filled pioneering! We magically made a drawbridge. Then we sat around making magic until the Germans came! Then they left but they hcame for 10 mins to sing funny songs which Voldemort was very polite about. Then they left!

Sunday 9th August

We went rock climbing and orienteering. Then we sat and slept YAY! While waiting we made a skipping rope. Ginny couldn't skip cuz her shorts were falling, so moaning Murtle fixed it with her own spell. (Abracadabrapullupyourshorts) and everything was cool. That night we had dinner and a campfire but everone was waaaaaaaayyyy too tired so we went to bed. By the end of the night everyone had switched wands mostly with the Germans so yea ok

Monday 10th August

Evil Prof. McGonagall and the school bully Harry Potter woke Ginny, Peeves, snape and Fang by knocking down their castle!! Ginny and Peeves were forced to change fully in the middle of the enchanted field in which we were sleeping in! Then we packed all our castles and the great hall away and left Hogwarts FOREVER!

Luna Lovegood said a very unemotional goodbye to her shorttime lover, but we love her anyway! Then we left on the Hogwarts express to go HOME!!! This is the end of the england logbook, now Duck off! Xxxx