What is conflict resolution?

From time to time scouts (and leaders) will argue, disagree or be annoyed with another scout or leader. It is very important we sort these situations out, whether it is two individuals are a group of people.

Nobody wants arguments, they are unpleasant and makes everyone feel bad.

Sometimes we all get pretty angry.

We could throw a huge tantrum, get really upset, be mean to everybody etc.

This would not be helpful !!

Well, what could you do?

Conflict Resolution 
Try to sort things out so that everyone gets a fair go and something of what they want. There are 4 things that you need to do.
1    Understand
2    Avoid making things worse
3    Work together
4    Find the solution


Everyone involved needs to understand what the conflict (argument) is about.

To do this, everyone needs to:

Avoid making things worse

Work together

Find the solution

Once you have listened to each other and found what the problem is, then you need to look for a solution.

Possible outcomes

Everyone should be happy with the outcome and move on as friends.

Remember if you cannot sort out problems among yourselves or you are feeling unhappy you MUST tell the leaders and we can help.