Kilmacud scouts annual camp 2012 Boyle Co. Roscommon.

Derek, Keith, Orla, Cormac, Joe

Aislinn, Ciaran, David, Jim, Micha and Nora

Sunday 19th August:

Derek, Keith, Nora and Aislinn arrive at Connelly with 1 hour to wait for our 4pm train. We carry the gear in and wait for everyone else. Everyone arrives and we are all set to go. We borrow a trolley and we all head up to our platform. Our first obstacle was passing through the gate. The trolley was too wide and we had to shimmy everything through. We then move up towards the front of the train in order to find a nice spot. Our second obstacle was getting all the gear on the train. The “man” saw our gas rings and ordered us to take our gas cylinder off the train.. in case of explosion no doubt!!

Anyway we all filter on to the train and we settle down for a 2 and a half hour journey.

During this 2 and a half hour journey. Derek read a chapter of his book (The physics of Star trek), Keith did 7 or 8 sudoku puzzles. The scouts chatted and did some adding problems :)

Finally we got to Boyle. We form a line from the luggage compartment to outside the train and pass the equipment along, hoping the train won't leave in the meantime. It didn't and we all managed to get off the train with all the gear. It of course decided to start raining at that moment.

We take the gear to our awaiting bus. We also meet up with David, happy days. We get on the bus and start our journey to our campsite, Lough Keel. As the main shops were shut we had to stop at a petrol station to get some food. We also had to buy a new gas cylinder as our other one was back in Connelly station thanks to am over-cautious train employee.

After collecting some supplies we make our way to our campsite. The campsite was empty apart from a small group of English peeps that were there for a weekend Expo. Unfortunately this Expo had been cancelled but they had come all the way from Engerland so they made the most of it anyway. In fairness it was fortunate for us as they had bought a load of burgers and left them for us so.. SUCCESS :)

We made our way up to the top of the campsite near the new wet weather shelter. We also picked one of the furthest points from the kitchen, toilets and showers. We started pitching our site. As luck would have it, just as we had the icelandic standing it started to lash rain. So we had to finish the icelandic in the pissings of rain and we ALL got drenched. When we got the icelandic up, it stopped raining of course and we finished the rest of the site. We moved all the gear into the icelandic and we started to relax.

Our dinner consisted of potatoes, sausages and beans (can't go wrong), cooked with our new gas cylinder. Micha peeled the potatoes. She decided the bin bag was a stupid place for the peelings and the ground was much better :) We cooked up our mighty dinner and huddled around the icelandic. We told jokes into the night and Jim's was the best: “What have cows and grass got in common?... They both go moo.......... Except the grass”.

We all filtered off to bed after our day of travel, rain and jokes. Of course there was instantly a quiet hush over the campsite and we all fell asleep quickly... Well, it took a bit more time than that.

Monday 20th August:

We rise and shine at the bright hour of 9.30. The corn flakes is taken out and we have the breakfast for champions. After breakfast we spend most of the morning using the gas to dry our wet clothes from the night before, then we get ready for our tough walk into Boyle to get proper shopping. We first go down to the lake to talk to the boat man to book the overnight, then we head out through the Lough Key forest park. We began our long walk, but the weather was good so we didn't mind too much, well most of us. Nora got tired carrying her rain trousers so decided to leave them on the road to be collected on the way back.

We walk through the archway and follow the road all the way into the exciting town of Boyle, stopping at a small shop on the way to get some well deserved drinks. We arrive in Boyle and all the scouts have free time while Derek, Keith and Orla head to Supervalue to buy food for the next few days. The scouts bought cards and started a tradition of playing “spit”.

Laziness kicks in so we got a taxi back to the campsite. As the day was hot and sunny, the scouts decided to build a clothes line using the spars from the spar pile just off the “forbidden forest of mystery”. All the wet clothes were put up on the line and allowed to dry. We chill out, scouts play on the tyre swing and wonder what is in the “forbidden forest of mystery”.

We decided to move our cooking equipment and utensils down close to the kitchen so that we could cook and eat in comfort on the benches. We fry up some wonderful freeeeee burgers for lunch and scoff them down. After more chill out and games of spit we had dinner, which was chicken stir fry and noodles.

We decide to walk down to the lake at night. We managed to find the location and we stayed there for a few minutes before heading back to the campsite. We collected wood and we started a fire. Our fire struggled for quite sometime until we used the fire lighters. We chatted into the night and sang “songs”. Ciaran did a fantastic job of keeping the fire going in order to spend more time up. We all eventually went to bed and had another good nights sleep.

Tuesday 21st August:

Another lie in and we get up at 9.30 again. We have breakfast and then walk down to the lake for a swim. Nora, Aislinn, Ciaran and David get into the lake for a swim. They had to navigate the rocks and the wall of stones in order to get to a deep enough level to swim. After a while they came back in and we headed back to the campsite.

We had lunch and we got ready to head out to the island. More games of Spit followed and David seemed to be getting the upper hand in the games. Cormac and Joe then came down to join us. Cormac and Joe had to head into town to pick up supplies so they headed off in the car, but before they did that they decided to crash into the Lough Keel granite sign and break it... Brilliant.

We walked on down to the boats. Cormac and Joe joined us a while later and we set off in 2 boats towards the island. After a few circles we managed to get on track and after about 30 mins we reached the island. We tied up the boats and girls and boys set off to make their bivvies and a fire was lit.

Dinner of pasta carbonara was had but we could have done with more, still we survived. As we were told the island was infested with mice, Joe built himself and elevated bed to sleep in and was first to bed. Some fishing was attempted but the worms were untouched. The scouts did not want to sleep in their bivvies so they settled down by the fire. A quiet night was had and there was not a sign of a single MOUSE!!

Wednesday 22nd August:

We woke up around 6am and cooked up a very tasty fry. David successfully cleaned the pan by eating most of the scrambled eggs (gegs). We pack up and tidy up and then set off in the boats back to the mainland. We hand the boats back and head back to our campsite.

We make ourselves some sambos and play more games of Spit. We wait for our bus which arrived a wee bit late but was not a problem. We take the bus to Carrick-on-shannon. Our first stop is a visit to the “pervert”. This statue on the marina is a must see in Carrick and the highlight of the town.
We then head to Supermax and have some lunch and embarrass Aislinn. The leaders go shopping and a coffee as the scouts explore the town.

We meet up later at Lidl where we climb the poles used for shopping trolleys Our bus arrives promptly and we head back to Lough Keel. We chill out for a while and then David and Jim head off with David's grandmother for dinner. We of course make our own dinner. We cook up some mince and spaghetti, which goes down well.

After dinner, David and Jim come back to us and the scouts head off on a late night adventure with Joe, Cormac and Orla. Arriving back 2 hours later for another round of spit and Pig. After that is was time for bed as people were falling around the place with extreme tiredness :)

Thursday 23rd August:

We had a well deserved lie-in in the morning and got up around 10am. We head down to the lake for another swim. It starts to rain as we get out of the lake but sure we're wet already. We head back to the campsite for some lunch. We get ready to head back down to the centre to do the Boda Borg.

We arrived at the Boda borg at 3pm. We split up into 3 teams and we spent the next 2 and a bit hours trying to solve the various puzzles and challenges each room provided. Some of the challenged were exceptionally difficult while others were relatively straightforward, in any case it was great fun. We all left the place sweating like a turkey just before Christmas. So a bottle of pop went down really well before we sauntered back to the campsite.

We cooked up more mince, carrots, onions and garlic as well as potatoes for Shepard's pie. This meal went down very well and David really did LOVE the mince. After dinner and clean up and more cards we settle down for our last night of camp :(

Well we would have settled down quickly however a certain wasp made it's way into the girls tent and it took them at least an hour to get him out of their tent.

Friday 24th August:

We got up early as we had to drop site. Nora and Aislinn had surfaced early and had breakfast before everyone else. Everyone got up and packed away their gear before having breakfast and then taking down their tents. We put a lot of the gear into Cormac's car so we only had a small amount of gear to take with us to the train station.

We leave our home for the week at 12.30 and head back into Boyle towards the train station where we unloaded all the gear and waited for the train (at first on the wrong platform). The train came on time and we boarded it and settled down for our 2 and a half hour journey. This train was smaller and therefore more packed than the way down but the journey was pleasant enough. We arrived in Connelly station just after 6 where we unloaded the gear and head into the main station. David and Jim head off for the Dart, Aislinn and Nora head off with Aislinn's father, Orla got collected by her mother and Derek, Keith, Micha and Ciaran got a lift home with Ciaran's mother. As the tall ships festival was on, it took us 2 hours to get back to the scout den where we met up with Cormac and we put up the tents in the den to be dried.

Derek and Keith went for McDonalds before coming back to the den to pack away the tents and have a scout meeting... A wonderful camp was had by all :)