The following behaviour in Scouting will NOT be tolerated and will result in disciplinary matters if not adhered to:

  1. Abuse

    a). Physical

    b). Verbal (e.g. Slagging, name calling, put-downs, gossip, rumours etc...)

    c). Emotional (e.g. Exclusion, Embarrassing etc..)

    d). Offensive/sexual (Sexual related comments)

  2. Shouting or arguing with Leader/PL

  3. Swearing

  4. Messing when should be on task

  5. Talking while a leader/PL talking

  6. Cheating in a game

  7. Not doing what asked to do

  8. No Subs

  9. No Neckerchief

  10. Full uniform first meeting of the month

  11. Lateness

  12. Going to shop without permission

  13. Phones must be placed in leaders room at the start of the meeting

  14. Chairs must be neatly stacked on stage after used

  15. Hall must be left tidy

Points 1. and 2. are very serious and will result in a COURT OF HONOUR (COH)where a leader with the PL's will discuss what appropriate actions should be taken for breaching this rule.

It could result in a suspension from meeting, camp or hostel and/or informing of the parents.

Points 3. to 7. will result in warnings, 3 of which will warrant a COH.

Points 8. Will result in paying double subs the next week, if after the 2nd week no subs then Parents will be contacted

Point 9. and 10. On the next appropriate meeting must have neckerchief/full uniform or parents will be informed.

Points 11. and 12. Each scout MUST text a leader if they are going to be late, the door will be shut at 8.55.