Adventure Skills

Air Activities

Stage 1

I can name all the things I know that can fly


I can show pictures of and be able to talk about different types of flying machines.


I can build a paper aeroplane from an A4 sheet that will fly, climb and turn.


I can discuss the features of an aiport from a model or picture (Runway, Terminal and Control Tower).


I know how to be safe around aircraft


I have visited an airport


Stage 1

I know the main personal gear to bring on camp.


I know how to care for my personal camping gear.


I know what clothes I should bring on camp


I know how to set out my sleeping area for a good night's sleep


I can collect small sticks suitable for fire-making.


I know about the Buddy System


I can help pitch a tent


I can pack my rucksack for camp


I can keep my camping gear neat and tidy while on camp


I know the different emergency services that are available and how and when to call them


I know the main parts of a tent


I have spent at least one night on camp


Stage 1

I can pack my rucksack for a day hike


I know what to wear and what extras I need to bring on a hike


I know what food to bring on a hike


I know how to behave sefely while hiking


I can read a simple map


I can point out and name the main features of a map


I can be responsible for myself while we are hiking


I can recognise the main distress signals


I know the buddy system


I understand why I should follow directions from an instructor


I have atttended at least two hikes