Phoenix Pre log book and Annual camp log book

Written by Aisling McGovern


Pre logbook:

  • Patrol profiles

  • Patrol photo

  • Personal gear list

  • Patrol gear list

  • Menu

  • Food costings

  • Summary log of annual camp including photos

  • Scouts website:



Gavin Kildea – 13 – PL

Jim Barnes – 14 – APL

Nora Cregg – 13 – Cook

Aisling McGovern – 13 – Scribe

Colm Cooney – 13 – Wood Chopper

Lara Fennel – 13 – Site Manager

Luke Caragher – 12 – Fire Chief

Killian Conyngham – 13 – Quarters Master


Age: 13

Date of Birth: 04/01/2000

Job: PL

Nicknames: Gavgav, Gavatron

Gavin is the patrol leader. He is the smallest on our team. He likes most sports especially sailing and basketball. He has fair hair and blue eyes. He is going into second year in Blackrock College.


Age: 14

Date of Birth: 13/05/1999

Job: APL

Nicknames: Jimbo, bus boy

Jim is the team’s apl. He has fair hair and brown eyes. His favourite food is burgers. He loves playing sports, especially football, and going out with friends, He likes Tottenham and Eminem. He is going into second year in Blackrock College. He is the oldest on the team.


Age: 13

Date of Birth: 17/10/1999

Job: Cook

Nicknames: Cregster, creggy

Nora is the teams cook. She plays camogie and hockey, and loves all food. She is going into second year in Loreto college. She has brown hair and blue eyes.


Age: 13

Date of Birth: 24/08/1999

Job: Scribe

Nicknames: McGov, Ashtray

Aisling is the team’s scribe. She likes irish dancing, drama and singing. Her favourite food is chicken wraps. She is going into second year in Jesus and Mary College. She has fair hair and blue-grey eyes


Age: 13

Date of Birth: 24/12/1999

Job: Wood Chopper

Nicknames: Cece, forest gump

Colm has been involved in scouting since senior infants. He plays football and rugby. He is going into second year in Blackrock College. His favourite food is chicken. He loves playing fifa. He has red hair (which he likes to call an African sunset) and blue eyes.


Age: 13

Date of Birth: 21/06/2000

Job: Site Manager

Nicknames: Lara clause/lonly

Lara is the team’s site manager. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She plays guitar and she likes reading. She is going into second year in Ballinteer community school.


Age: 12

Date of Birth: 20/10/2000

Job: Fire chief

Nicknames: Lukey,

Luke is the teams fire chief. He has fair hair and blue eyes. He loves climbing. His favourite food is pizza. He is going into first year in Benildus College.


Age: 13

Date of birth: 05/03/2000

Job: Quarters Master

Nicknames: Killer

Killian is the quarters master on the team. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. His hobbies are cycling, climbing and football. His favourite food is pasta. He is going into second year in St Killians.


Scout uniform

Bivvy bag

Warm clothes

Hiking boots

Bivvy bag

Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat

Rainproof gear



Insect repellent

Scout stave


Icelandic store tent

3 dome tents



Gas and Cooking rings

2 Half barrels and aluminium foil

2 balls of sizal


2 tarps (wood pile and table shelter)

Table top

Prep-area top

Water container

Water container

100m Blue rope


Cooler box and ice blocks

Cooking utensils

Cleaning utensils



Buckets for sand and water

Patrol sign

Firepoint sign

Black sacks


Boundary posts

Notice board

Spare Scouting trail


Dinner Thursday night:

Spaghetti Bolognese (mince with tomato sauce, and pasta)

Breakfast Friday morning:

Breakfast cereal

Lunch Friday afternoon:

Ham and cheese sandwiches and chocolate bar

Dinner Friday night:

Chicken breast with curry sauce and vegetables

Breakfast Saturday morning:

Breakfast cereal

Lunch Saturday afternoon:

Ham and cheese sandwiches and chocolate bar

Dinner Saturday evening:

Wraps filled with chicken breast, peppers, onions and garlic

Dessert Sunday evening:

Pancakes with cream, chocolate sauce and cookies


Phoenix food order (Bread & Milk) -€24.09

Breakfast cereal -€5

Curry sauce for dinner -€5

Vegetables for dinner -€5

Dinner Thursday night -Spagbol -€10

Pancakes -€3

Cream -€2

Chocolate and sweets =€5


Thursday 1st August

We arrived outside the scout den at 8.30am. We were getting a coach down to Kerry so we all loaded the camp gear into the bus before putting our own gear in. Five hours later we arrived at Cappanalea, in Kerry. The nearest town was Kilorglin but it was quite far away. There was a building with shower and bathroom facilities and we were given allocated times to use them. One of the workers of the place explained the rules and regulations to us before showing us our campsite. Unfortunately it decided to start raining so we all got soaked as we brought down all our equipment and started pitching our Icelandics, which proved to be difficult as it also got quite windy. Once all the tents were up we returned into the marquee the staff had kindly already pitched for us. Karl wasn’t feeling well so he went to bed early while the rest of us had a dinner of spaghetti Bolognese before making a fire and chatting. We all went to bed tired and ready for the next day.

Friday 2nd August

Today was a day of Rock climbing and Kayaking. We all headed up to the centre where our group was split into two, where one half went rock climbing and ther other half went kayaking, before swapping over in the afternoon. In the kayaking we all played a few games and a few people capsized (especially our leader Paul who capsized within five minutes of getting into the kayak). In the rock climbing there was a bit of a trek and we could do rock climbing and abseiling, both of which were quite enjoyable. After a dinner of sweet and sour chicken, we all stayed up until midnight for David’s birthday to give him his birthday present, a scrapbook signed by all the scouts and leaders, which he loved, before going to bed.

Saturday 3rd August

Today was David’s 14th birthday. We had breakfast before heading down to the lake for a swim. After lunch Aisling made David’s cake, which consisted of cookies and nutella. After some help from Lara and Aislinn, they presented it to David and he loved it. The scouts soon set to making an hourglass tower, which didn’t turn out very well since the inverted tripod wasn’t stable enough. After dinner there was another campfire before everyone going to bed.

Sunday 4th August

We all woke up early to get our coach to Carrantuohill. The group split into two, one group climbed carrantouhill on the Brother O’Shea’s Gully, while the other group climbed up the devil’s ladder. Once we had reached the summit we had lunch before all heading back down the devil’s ladder and getting our coach back to the campsite. The leaders decided to treat us with apache pizza for dinner and we all went to bed early because we were all absolutely knackered.

Monday 5th August

Today we had a lie in after our tiring day the day before. We all got up and had breakfast before the lads played a game of footall. We all the nheaded down to the lake and went swimming again. After lunch Paul tried to start a fire from friction but unfortunately failed. Dinner was sausages and mash. Some of the scouts and the venturers (who were on camp with us) decided to go bivvying down in the forest while the rst of us decided to play werewolves which became our annual camp game. Since it was dark we had a reat invention of filling empty milk cartons with water and attaching a head torch around it for light. We all soon went to bed.

Tuesday 6th August

Today was another lie in. After breakfast we headed down to the lake again for a swim and a look at what the scouts and ventures had made for their bivvy. We came back up for more games of football before dinner. After dinner Paul organised a scavenger hunt which the scouts lads one, before going to bed.

Wednesday 7th August

Today we got up early to get our coach to go to Killarney. Once we got there we went for a walk to a lake where we went rowing. After wandering through a castle and gardens we headed back to the main town for lunch at subway. We all had our own time to buy what we wanted before getting back on the coach to return to the campsite for the last time. After many games of werewolves we went to sleep for the last night.

Thursday 8th August

We all got up early to have breakfast before packing our gear away and taking down our tents. We brought all our stuff up to where the coach was picking us up and had an hour until it arrived so we just chatted. On the way back we stopped in Adare for dinner at a takeaway before continuing our journey back to the scout den. Once we got there many parents were waiting as we brought the gear back into the scout den and hung up the tents before heading home, tired but happy about our week.